The Task

What could be the most difficult thing to do when you are 5 years old? Trying to get your younger brother to wear his shoes?

A novice yourself, the task gets a wee bit more difficult when you are handed over the responsibility for those who are completely new to the trade. You need to prove your capabilities, live up to the expectations of your mother and be responsible for your kid brother. Definitely a lot to shoulder when you are just 5!

And so the operation ‘Shoe Wearing’ begins. The straps of the shoes are successfully opened. The right foot is slid in after some initial effort. And now comes the time to close the straps. A little difficult given the circumstances of age and size! So help is required, but from whom? At this point even emotional support from the one whom you are responsible for will do. So the little bro is asked to chip in with some help. The effort now just a sheer physical effort, completely based on trial and error because logic fails where ignorance begins. That’s the time for real innovation, “finding your own logic”! And yes the trick worked. The two together did get the straps shut at the cost of dirty pairs of hands. The first flap is shut and the second one follows with more ease.

First stage of the operation is over, the younger one all too keen to get the left one done as well, as soon as possible. But the leader has a few different plans. First success definitely calls for a victory celebration. So the leader goes all out on a victory march. With his shirt open and wet, hands dirty the building compound serves as a perfect road for his victory march.

And the little bro, left stranded, in the middle of this shoe-wearing operation, left with his only defenses of crying and running behind his rescuer (read the victorious).

In the end- the defenses work. After 5 minutes there is once again a victory march, this time the little winner walks his victory march through the compound with both his shoes on!

Life at 5 and 3 is definitely existential!

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